The Corporate Cranium – Your Business Mentoring Center

• The Corporate Cranium is led by Bob Halagan of Halagan Law Firm Ltd. and Kelli Hoskins, International Business Coach & Mentor.

• It incorporates a team of trusted professional alliance partners including accountants, bankers, insurance agents, business valuation experts, business brokers and financial consultants who share a philosophy of focusing on increasing your profits and your value.

• Every great performer, whether an elite athlete or entertainment legend, has the need for professional coaches and advisors. Business owners are no different.  As the world of business moves faster and gets more competitive, it’s difficult to keep up with both the changes in your industry and the innovations in sales, marketing, leadership and management strategies. Our goal is to help you find the advisors, coaches and professional support you need to maximize the performance of your business.

Our Focus—Your Business

We work with businesses at every entry point.

Starting Your New Business

Packages for entrepreneurs starting their business that help you ask the right questions and find the right answers for issues such as entity type, financing, accounting structure, partnership, insurance, marketing and employees.

Improving and Growing Your Business

We offer programs in key areas of Sales, Marketing and Advertising, Team Building and Recruitment, Systems and Business Process Development, and Customer Service.

Selling Your Business for Maximum Value

The Corporate Cranium can analyze your current company performance and help you determine whether it is ready to be sold, its real value and an achievable selling price, as well as the potential structures for a transaction.

Our Process—Your Success

The focus of our legal and professional advice will always be on protecting your business and protecting your profits.  For each engagement, we will take you through the following steps and determine your best business choices.

Establish Your Goal

Whether it involves terminating a difficult employee or planning for a future expansion, our advice always focuses on what you see as the best outcome for your business.

Determine Your Options

There is rarely only one choice in making legal decisions, and different choices involve an assessment of your risks and benefits.  We will make sure you fully explore those options and make an informed decision before you commit your resources to a plan of action.

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