by HLF Editor on October 24, 2016

By Robert Sicora, Sicora Consulting, Inc.

For the past twenty years I have worked with hundreds of organization, thousands of teams, and over 500,000 employees to help create a culture of engagement.

As a result of this work I have come up with a model of engagement that takes a very actionable, sustainable, and balanced approach to continuous employee engagement.

Eight Factors of Engagement

Organizations have gone through enormous change in the past twenty years, calling for new research and a new direction in employee engagement practices. The 8 Factors of Engagement model is that new direction.  The balanced aspects of the model along with a proven, real-time, facilitation technique ensures increased engagement on a quarterly basis. We invite you to experience first-hand our findings, and learn how you can prepare your organization for greater retention, engagement, and performance.

We are reaching out to partner with a limited number of teams & organizations to have them experience the 8 Factors of Engagement methodology before the end of 2016.  By participating now, you will gain insight into your organization and receive a full report and plan to help lift engagement in 2017.

Now is the time to put your finger on the pulse of your employees’ engagement.  Employee engagement is one of most leading indicators of success within your organization & team.  It is time to move away from annual surveys and begin creating a culture of continuous engagement with your staff.


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