by HLF Editor on February 12, 2018

By Gayle Noakes, Gayle Noakes Consulting, LLC

When small businesses are growing and expanding we, as small business owners, sometimes can feel “out of control”.

-        Did I follow-up on all the leads I received last week?

-        Did I have the key information to build a solid relationship with my new prospect?

-        Did I send a “Thank you” gift to the person who referred me to my latest new customer?

Feeling like we do not have our hands solidly on the pulse of our business is disconcerting. If we do not remedy this situation, we soon find ourselves losing track of leads, not following up with prospects and referral partners and not thanking the people who are helping us move our business forward; in other words, “leaving money on the table!”.

I felt just like this as my consulting business started to grow. I searched for an answer and was surprised to find many small business owners had the same situation and no solution. Then I asked Juan Ramirez, a small business owner himself. He introduced me to a proven system that he has been using successfully to grow his businesses over the last several years

The system helped me define my Lead Generation process. Juan then used my process to customize the CRM system so it matched my Lead Generation process. The result is a wonderful system that specifically works for me and my business. I now use my customized CRM system to manage the growth of my business.

Juan and I realized that many solopreneurs and small and medium sized businesses will find value in this system to grow their business. We have formed a service entitled “ZoomingSales CRM.”

If you would like to learn more about using a customized CRM system that matches your specific Lead Generation process to consistently grow your business, contact us at or



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