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List of Past Business Articles

Halagan Law Firm • Robert Halagan
HLF-Feb 2009 – The No-Choice Act–Is there a Union Heading for Your Business?
HLF-May 2009 – Thinking of Adding a Business Partner?  Here’s what you need to know about the “In”, the “Out” and the “In-between”
HLF-July 2009 – Trade Secrets:  How to Protect Yours?  What should you do if a new hire brings secrets with them?
HLF-Sept 2009 – Getting Paid-Your Company Got The Job, Now How Do You Make Sure You Are Going To Get Paid?
HLF-Nov 2009 – Leveraging Attorney’s Fees to Avoid Litigation
HLF-Jan 2010 – The Essentials of a Non-Compete Agreement:  Is It Enforceable?
HLF-Mar 2010 – Is There A Lawsuit In Your Future?  How To Control Costs, Risks, and Your Own Attorney
HLF-May2010- When Does It Make Sense to Sell Stock to an Employee?
HLF-July2010 – Hiring the Right Way Can Avoid the Cost of a Bad Termination
HLF-Sept2010 – Getting Your Business Ready for Sale
HLF-Nov2010- How to Increase Your Odds of Getting Sued When Terminating an Employee
HLF-Jan2011- Defending a Claim for Unemployment Benefits
HLF – March 2011 – Employment Agreements-When do you need one?
HLF-May2011 – Managing Legal Fees in Business Transactions
HLF-July2011 – Designing an Effective Compensation Plan that Rewards Performance
HLF-Sept 2011 – Checklist for Avoiding Lawsuits for Overtime Violations
HLF-Nov 2011 – Trade Secrets:  How to Protect Yours?  What Should You Do If a New Hire Brings Secrets With Them?
HLF-Jan 2012- High Drama at the National Labor Relations Board
HLF-March 2012 – Building Performance Pay Into a Union Contract
HLF-May 2012 – Thinking of Adding a Business Partner?  Here’s What You Need to Know About the “In”, the “Out” and the “In-Between”
HLF – July 2012 – Do’s and Don’ts for Business Sellers
HLF – Sept 2012- Effective Employee Discipline (Or: How to Fire an Employee Without Getting Sued)
HLF – Dec 2012 – Should Arbitration Be a Part of Your Contracts?
HLF – Feb 2013 – How to Prepare for an Unemployment Hearing
HLF – April 2013 – Obamacare Mandates the End of the Endless Winter!  Or Obamacare Means We Will Never Have Springtime Again!
HLF – June 2013 – Effective Employee Discipline (Or: How to Fire an Employee Without Getting Sued)
HLF – Aug 2013 – Watch Out for the Worker’s Compensation Retaliation Claim!
HLF – Nov 2013 – Why Your Business Absolutely Needs to Have a Harassment Policy
HLF – Jan 2014 – Employee or Partner:  How to Decide When to Make a Key Employee An Owner in Your Business
HLF – April 2014- Getting Paid-Your Company Got the Job, Now How Do You Make Sure You Are Going to Get Paid?
HLF – June 2014- Hiring the Right Way Can Avoid the Cost of a Bad Termination
HLF – Nov 2014 – When Does It Make Sense to Sell Stock to an Employee?
HLF – Feb 2015 – Litigation? Mediation? Arbitration? How Best to Navigate Your Dispute Resolution Options
HLF – Oct 2015 – The New Minnesota LLC Act
HLF – Aug 2016 – Minneapolis Imposes Requirement on Employers to Provide Paid Sick Leave
HLF – Oct 2016 – New Department of Labor Standards:  A Minimum $47,476 Salary and the Disappearing Independent Contractor
HLF – Jan 2017 – What Factors Should You Consider in Starting a Business with a Partner?
HLF – May 2017 – When Should You Choose Mediation or Arbitration?
HLF Aug 2017 – Managing Relationships in a Time of Discord

Business Coach
Business Coach & Mentor • Kelli Hoskins
AC-Feb 2009 – Ensure Good Returns on Your Investment
AC-May 2009 – People Plus Systems Equals Great Sales…
AC-July 2009 – Excuse Me, May I Buy That Customer Please?
AC-Sept 2009 – Should You Be In Business At All?  Here’s How To Know…
AC-Nov 2009 - 11 Ways to Double Your Customer Base in Four Weeks
AC-Jan 2010 – Share An Evening With The World’s #1 Business Coach!
AC-May2010 - The True Measure of Marketing Success
AC-July2010 - Here’s How You Can Measure Your Value in the Eyes of Your Customers
AC-Sept 2010 – Why you have all the MONEY you can HANDLE…
AC-Nov2010- How to Tell If You Are Driven by FEAR or PASSION
AC-Jan2011- Cost of Materials…There is No Such Thing
AC – March 2011 – Profit Per What?
AC-May2011 – Budget for Profit
AC-July2011 – Grow Your Business and Build Your Wealth…Not Someone Else’s
AC-Nov 2011 – Excuse Me, May I Buy That Customer Please?
AC-Jan 2012- Budget for Profit
AC-March 2012- Why Business Owners Are Like Alcoholics
AC-May 2012 – Increase Revenue in Your Small Business…Then Don’t Focus on Sales
AC – July 2012 – Want to Make More Money in Business…Then Raise Your Prices
AC – Sept 2012 – Need to Set Goals for Your Business, Here’s How…
AC – Dec 2012- The Key to Business Success & Financial Independence Is…Leverage!
AC – Feb 2013 – Success Through Failure
AC – April 2013 – Think Your Business is Different?  Here’s Why It’s Costing You Money
AC – June 2013 – How to Get Your Customers To Do Your Selling For You…
AC – Aug 2013 – The True Measure of Marketing Success
AC – Nov 2013 – 3 False Assumptions Business Owners or Their Managers Make About Their Products and Services
AC – Jan 2014 – 11 Ways to Double Your Customer Base in Four Weeks
AC – April 2014- Race Car Drivers AND Business Owners Win on the Corners…Not on the Straight
KH – June 2014 – Why Your Team is Inherently Dysfunctional…and What to Do About It
KH – Nov 2014 – People Plus Systems Equals Great Sales
KH – Feb 2015 – Profit Per What?
KH – Aug 2016 – How Busy Business Owners Can Create Order from Chaos
KH – Oct 2016 – The Top 11 Reasons Accountability Eludes Your Organization
KH – Jan 2017 – Budget for Profit
KH – May 2017 – How to Get Your Customers to do Your Selling for You

AW Smith, LLC
AWS-Feb 2009 -  What You Need to Know about Business Taxes in Starting Your New Business

Johnson+Mattson, P.A. • Casey A. Mattson
CM-Nov 2011 – 2011 Year-End Tax Planning Ideas

BANKWEST • Steve Huston
BW-Feb 2009
– How to Use Remote Deposit Capture to Enhance Your Cash-flow
BW-May 2009Community Banks Finally Get “Official” Recognition
BW-July 2009 – Financial Fraud – Identity Theft

BW-Sept 2009 – The Path to Remote Deposit
BW-Jan 2010
Community Banks Continue Lending to Small Businesses
BW-Jan2011- Ten Tips in Tough Times-What Small Business Owners Should Know During Tough Financial Times
BW-May2011 – Informed Homebuyers Are More Effective Consumers
BW-Nov 2011 – Are Banks Lending?
BW – Sept 2012 – Excellent Time to Borrow with Popular Programs Through the Small Business Administration (SBA)
BW – Dec 2012 – Getting a Loan for Your Business
BW – April 2013 – BANKWEST Helping Customers Pay Off Their Debt!
BW – Nov 2014 – Fast Action on Loans for Small Businesses!
BW – Feb 2015 – Fast Action on Loans for Small Businesses!

Business Valuation
Hunter Advisors, PLLC • Roben Hunter
HA-Feb 2009 – Valuing a Business Under Current Economic Conditions
HA-July 2009 – Selling Your Business During These Economic Times
HA-Sept 2009 – Business Succession Planning
HA-Jan 2010 – Deferral or Elimination of Taxable Income for Debt Discharges May Be Available for Tax Years 2009 and 2010
HA-May 2010- Small Business Health Care Tax Credit
HA-July 2010- Limited Partnership Gifting – A Twist
HA-Sept 2010 – Minnesota’s Angel Tax Credit for 2010
HA-Jan2011- Tax Provisions Affecting Individuals for 2010
HA – March 2011 – Recent Changes in Foreign Bank Account Reporting
HA-Sept 2011-   New Exclusions from Minnesota Estate Tax
HA-Nov 2011 – New Increases for Social Security in 2012
HA-Jan 2012 – Taxes…Taxes – What to Know for 2012 Planning
HA-May 2012 – Independent Contractors vs. Employees
HA – July 2012 – A Look to the Future
HA – Dec 2012 – With All the Congress Uncertainty, Can We Provide Planning For Year-End 2012?  Yes-And This Year It is Necessary!
HA – June 2013 – Discussion of the Minnesota New Tax Law
HA – Aug 2013- Minnesota Residents–Intention Does Not Always Win
HA – Jan 2014 – Individual Tax Return Changes for 2013
HA – Oct 2015 – Minnesota’s New LLC Act
HA – Oct 2016 – IRS Proposed Regulations Target Gift and Estate Tax Planning Strategies
HA – Jan 2017 – Better Late Than Never
HA Aug 2017 – New Minnesota LLC Act
HA Aug 2017 – Changes to Minnesota Estate Tax for 2017 and Beyond

Economic Development
Wright County Economic Development • Noel
WC-Feb 2009 – Around the County
WC-May 2009 – Around the County
WC-July 2009 – Around the County
WC-Sept 2009 – Around the County
WC-Nov 2009 – Around the County
WC-Jan 2010 – Around the County
WC-Mar 2010 – Around the County
WC-May 2010- Around the County
WC-July 2010- State of the Economy
WC-Sept 2010 – Positive News for Wright County
WC-Nov2010- Learning Opportunities in Wright County
WC-Jan2011- A New Year and A Fresh Perspective
WC-May2011 – As they say, “Change is a Coming”
WC-Jan 2012- A Fresh Start:  January 2012

Financial Advisor
Waterfront Financial Group
WFG – Nov 2014 – A Bucket Plan to Go with Your bucket List
WFG – Feb 2015 – Protecting Your Business From the Loss of a Key Person
WFG – Oct 2015 – Good Health is Good Business
WFG – Aug 2016 – Choosing a Retirement Plan that Fits Your Business
WFG – Oct 2016 – Healthcare Costs in Retirement
WFG Aug 2017 – Why Retirement Readiness is Not Just a Catch-Phrase

Human Resources
Human Resources Counseling • Cecelia Keenan
HRC-Feb 2009 – ”People Related Expenses”: How to Make Tough Human Resource Decisions in a Bad Economy
HRC-May 2009 – Layoff Do’s and Don’ts
HRC-July 2009- Federal Labor Laws by Number of Employees
HRC-Sept 2009 – Rebuilding Your Staff – Employees or Contractors – Independent Contractor Assessment
HRC-Nov 2009 – New EEOC Poster – Are You Compliant?
HRC-Jan 2010 – Compensation in 2010
HRC-Mar 2010 – Developing a Written Warning
HRC-May 2010- How is Your Employee Engagement?
HRC-July 2010- Technology and Employees

Sicora Consulting, Inc. • Robert Sicora
SC-Mar 2010 – Now Is Not The Time To Worry About Employee Satisfaction and Productivity.  Right?
SC-May 2010- Learning That Sticks
SC-July 2010- Leadership Awareness
SC-Sept 2010 – Change is the only Constant
SC-Nov2010- Is Diagnosis Bias Keeping You From Reading This Article?
SC-Jan2011- ‘Next’working…What are you doing to help your networking career?
SC – March 2011 – The Magic Wand of Recognition
SC-May2011 – If you lead, will they follow?  Become a leader who inspires transformational change in others
SC-Jan 2012 – Preview 2011  > 2012
SC-March 2012 – Balanced – Values Based Leadership
SC-May 2012 – Leadership and Luck
SC – Sept 2012 – Can’t We All Just Get Along?  Recognizing the Importance of Constructive Conflict in the Workplace
SC – Aug 2013 – How High Trust in Organizations Leads to Improved Performance
SC – Nov 2013 – What Should You Change .. And How Do You Manage It?
SC – April 2014- Research Study-Personality Styles and Their Impact on a Culture of Trust
SC – Feb 2015 – Strategically Aligned Culture
SC – Aug 2016 – Engagement Sweet Spot
SC – Oct 2016 – 8 Factors of Engagement
SC – Jan 2017 – Gratitude
SC – May 2017 – Purpose, Passion, Power

The Stolp Group, Inc. • Sheri Stolp
TSG – Sept 2012- Understanding the Overall “Climate” in Your Office
TSG – Feb 2013 – The Small Business:  How Do You Know When You Need HR?
TSG – Aug 2013 – The Do’s and Don’ts of Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals
TSG – Nov 2014 – The Leadership Challenge
TSG – Feb 2015 – The Leadership Challenge:  Part II
TSG – Oct 2015 – The Leadership Challenge: Part III

Insurance Brokers of Minnesota • Gary Sorenson
IBM-Feb 2009 - Hot Topics in Insurance: Insuring a New Venture; Managing the Risk of Supply Chain Disruptions; Personal Autos Used for Business
IBM-May 2009 – Laptop Theft is a Growing Business Problem
IBM-July 2009 – Individually Titled Autos on Corporate Business Auto Policy (BAP)
IBM- Sept 2009 – Why Review Your Life Insurance?
IBM-Jan 2010 – Peak Season Inventory Should Be Insured
IBM-Mar 2010 – Know Your Liquor Liability Exposures
IBM-May 2010- 3 Ways to Save $$ on Your Business Auto
IBM-July 2010- Own a Boat?  Make Sure You Have Proper Coverage
IBM-Sept 2010 – Know Your Liquor Liability Exposures
IBM-Nov2010- 5-Minute Solutions for Cold Weather Safety
IBM-Jan2011- Business Auto Simple Right?
IBM – March 2011- Long Term Care Insurance
IBM-May2011 – The Employment-Related Practices Liability
IBM-July2011 – Reducing Your Insurance Costs…Distinguishing Bad Advice from Good Advice
IBM-Sept 2011 -  Additional Insured’s vs. Additional Named Insured’s
IBM-Nov 2011- Health Savings Account Rules for 2012
IBM-Jan 2012 – Why are My Homeowners Insurance Rates Increasing?
IBM-March 2012 – Who Wants To Be You??
IBM-May 2012 – Why the BAP and CGL Should Be Written by the Same Insurer
IBM – July 2012 – Work Comp Industry Overview
IBM – Sept 2012- Minnesota Workers Compensation Changes-How the 2013 NCCI Primary-Excess Split Point Change Affects Your Organization
IBM – Dec 2012 – Why Have Experience Rating on Workers Compensation?
IBM – Feb 2013 – Create a Safe Driver Culture in Your Business or Home
IBM – April 2013 – How to Prevent Air Bag Injuries
IBM – June 2013 – Are All Homeowners Contents Coverage the Same?  No Way!
IBM – Aug 2013 – The Aging Workforce – Part 1
IBM – Nov 2013 – The Aging Workforce – Part 2
IBM – Jan 2014 – New Mental Health, Substance Abuse Parity Rules Finalized
IBM – April 2014 – New Year, New Risks:  Cyber Issues to Consider in 2014
IBM – June 2014 – “Why” Long Term Care Insurance?
IBM – Nov 2014 – What is a Defined Contribution/Premium Reimbursement Plan?  Should I consider for My Business?
IBM – Feb 2015 – Isn’t It Time to Take Control of Your Workers’ Comp?
IBM – Oct 2015- Auto Insurance: Why This News is Important to You as a Consumer!
IBM – Aug 2016 – Four Commercial Auto Endorsements Every Insured Should Consider
IBM – Jan 2017 – How to Safely Navigate Icy Roads
IBM – May 2017 – 9 Essential Steps to Identity Theft Protections

IT Consulting
MP Integrated Solutions • Brian Zarzycki
MP-May 2010- iPad – Should I or Shouldn’t I?
MP-Sept 2010 – What’s Your Method?
MP-Nov2010- Have You Ever Been Scammed?
MP-Jan2011- The Ever Changing World of Wireless
MP – March 2011 – Tablet Wars
MP-July2011 – Is Your Credit Information Protected?
MP-Nov 2011- Business Versus Technology
MP-March 2012 – Where Have You Been Lately?
MP – July 2012 – How Fast Can I Crack Your Password?
MP – June 2013- To Windows 95 Or Not to Windows 95, That is the Question

Carlson Estate Planning • Ken Lanigan
CEP-Feb 2009 – What does the Obama Administration Mean for the Federal Estate Tax?
CEP-May 2009 – Stimulus Bill-Highlights
CEP-July 2009 – Protecting Your Business and Family Wealth
CEP-Sept 2009 – Estate Planning Opportunities in a Politically Uncertain, Economically Turbulent and Low Interest Environment
CEP-Jan 2010 – Congress Fails to Act, Resulting in Federal Estate Tax Repeal for 2010
CEP-March 2010 – President Obama’s Tax Proposals
CEP-May 2010- Upcoming Tax Mess
CEP-July 2010- Avoid Cost-Basis Confusion in Your Estate Plan
CEP-Sept 2010- The Estate Tax:  Where Will It go From Here?
CEP-Nov2010- Business Succession
CEP-Jan2011- Changes in Estate Taxes
CEP – March 2011 – Married with Assets
CEP-May2011- Making the Most of the New Gift Tax
CEP-July2011 – Portability Under the 2010 Tax Relief Act: Does It End the Need for Complicated Estate Planning?
CEP-Sept 2011 -  Minnesota Legislature Creates New Estate Tax Exemptions
CEP-Jan 2012- Estate Planning Basics
CEP-May 2012 – Take Advantage of Transfer Tax Benefits Now
CEP – July 2012- Avoid Costly Estate Planning Mistakes
CEP – Sept 2012 – The Future of the Estate Tax?
CEP – Dec 2012 – Strategies for Claiming Social Security Benefits
CEP – Feb 2013 – New Taxes for High Income Earners in 2013
CEP – April 2013 – Are Your Key Documents Up To Date?
CEP – Aug 2013 – Minnesota Legislature Imposes Gift Tax
CEP – Aug 2016 – Recent Law Changes Affecting Minnesota Estate Plans

Sherrill Law Office • Michael Sherrill
SLO-May 2010- A Primer on Patents
SLO-July 2010- Trademarks – What They Are and Why Would I Need One
SLO-Nov2010- Chapter 2:  What Is Patentable
SLO – March 2011 – Why Patent
SLO-May2011 – Trademarks.  When is a Designation a Trademark?
SLO-July2011 – Trademarks-How to Establish Secondary Meaning for a Descriptive Term
SLO-Nov 2011 – Chapter 4:  When To Patent
SLO-Jan 2012 – Changes to United States Patent Law:  Win, Lose or Draw for Small and Startup Businesses
SLO-March 2012 – Changes to United States Patent Law Fees
SLO – Jan 2014 – Trademarks-Geographical Limitations on Trademark Rights
SLO – Feb 2015 – The United States Moves to a First to File Patent System

Organization Development
Gayle Noakes Consulting LLC, Gayle Noakes
GNC Aug 2017 – “Looking to Grow Your Business?  EOS Can Help”

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