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Video is the Future

By Suzie Meier | November 1, 2018

How many videos have you watched online today? 2? 20?! Chances are your day is packed with video viewership; from online ads to educational content, clips from family and friends to your favorite forms of entertainment. Need to fix a faucet? Want to try a new makeup application? Looking for some cute puppies to boost your mood? There is a clip for that! Video is on its way to becoming the preferred content platform for nearly all demographics. So how can it work for you? See it in SEO We...

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How Google Chrome’s Browser Changes Will Impact Your Website

By Suzie Meier | August 6, 2018

You may have heard rumblings about the upcoming Google Chrome 68 changes.  For months, Google has been warning users that all websites will need to have SSL Certification for their Chrome browser, or be forever doomed, “NOT SECURE”.  This update, slated for July 2018, has been in the works for years in an effort to improve user and page security. After this migration, when a consumer types in a site URL to the Google Chrome browser, websites without the S in HTTPS will be flagged as “Not Secure”. Sites without...

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