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Does Your Business Need a Mediator?

By Bob Halagan, Halagan Law Firm, LTD. | March 18, 2019

One of the most difficult challenges a business owner can face is divorce; not from his or her spouse but from a business partner.  Sometimes that business partnership that looked so promising when you started out turns sour and you find yourself simply unable to continue to work with the person who is a part-owner of the business with you.  Does it make sense to hire a mediator to find your way out of the relationship? The best approach to a business partnership is to have a partnership agreement that…

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How Do You Know if Mediation “Worked?”

By Bob Halagan, Halagan Law Firm, LTD. | March 18, 2019

One of the challenges of mediation is the uncertainty that comes with having to deal with any unpleasant confrontation.  Parties and sometimes their lawyers get caught up in the emotions inherent in litigation conflict and frequently leave mediation, with or without a deal, feeling unsatisfied.  So, what make for a “successful” mediation regardless of the…

How to be Ready for Mediation

By Bob Halagan, Halagan Law Firm, LTD. | January 28, 2019

Non-lawyers are often not certain what to expect when going into a mediation process.  If they are new to mediation, they often worry most about “telling their story” as opposed to making a deal that works for them.  Mediation is typically triggered when a lawsuit has been started or is being threatened and so the…

What is Your Business Worth?

By Bob Halagan, Halagan Law Firm, LTD. | November 1, 2018

A common question for business owners when they start to ponder their exit strategy is how to figure out what their business is worth.  Valuation experts like the Corporate Cranium’s Roben Hunter can give you an expert assessment based upon professionally accepted valuation methodologies.  Roben will assess value based upon multiple factors including past performance,…

What to Look For in the Next Contract That You Sign

By Bob Halagan, Halagan Law Firm, LTD. | August 6, 2018

Ok, so you are about to sign a contract with a new customer and they send you a ten-page contract to sign before you can start work; what do you look for in that contract?  While it’s a good idea to have complex contracts reviewed by an experienced attorney, there are some basics you can…

Preparing Your Business for a Separation Between Partners

By Bob Halagan, Halagan Law Firm, LTD. | April 18, 2018

One of the most difficult challenges a business owner can face is when things go wrong with another partner/owner and a separation becomes necessary. Here is a checklist of the preliminary things I would look for as either your attorney or as a mediator/business counselor looking to structure your transition.

Managing Relationships in a Time of Discord

By Bob Halagan, Halagan Law Firm, LTD. | August 1, 2017

There is so much noise in the air these days about all the things that separate people, the things that make us different and isolate us from one another. Everyone seems focused on their individual concerns without a commitment to the greater good. Managing employees, shareholders and business relationships can be daunting in this environment. …

What Factors Should You Consider in Starting a Business with a Partner?

By Bob Halagan, Halagan Law Firm, LTD. | April 29, 2017

One of the bravest and most difficult decisions a person can make is decide to go into business for him- or herself.  The second bravest and most difficult may be the decision to go into business with a partner.   Taking on a partner in many ways is like getting married, so it’s important to know…

The New Minnesota LLC Act

By Bob Halagan, Halagan Law Firm, LTD. | October 1, 2015

Effective August 1, 2015, the Minnesota Legislature adopted a new law governing Limited Liability Companies (“LLC”).  This law has the greatest impact on new LLCs but also has implications for existing LLCs and the relationship between their member/owners.  The adoption of the new law is intended to reduce the formality associated with operating an LLC. …

How to Prepare for an Unemployment Hearing

By Bob Halagan, Halagan Law Firm, LTD. | May 3, 2015

If you have terminated an employee or are in a business with regular personnel turnover, you have probably been faced with the prospect of attending an unemployment hearing. Here are some tips on how to get ready for a hearing. Do you need to participate? The first question is whether to contest a claim for…

Watch Out For The Worker’s Compensation Retaliation Claim!

By Bob Halagan, Halagan Law Firm, LTD. | May 3, 2014

One of the “growth” areas in employment litigation is retaliation claims, and in particular retaliation claims relating to worker’s compensation. Close ties between organizations representing employees in worker’s compensation claims and attorneys who handle plaintiffs’ employment retaliation claims, make it very likely that if you terminate an employee with an outstanding worker’s compensation claim, you…

Employee or Partner: How to Decide When to Make a Key Employee an Owner in Your Business

By Bob Halagan, Halagan Law Firm, LTD. | January 1, 2014

In most small to mid-sized businesses, the question arises at some point in the life of the business whether to bring in a new or additional partner to the company.  Usually the question arises under one of two circumstances: (1) the employee is a dynamic rain-maker and you want to make sure he or she…

Should Arbitration Be a Part of Your Contracts?

By Bob Halagan, Halagan Law Firm, LTD. | December 1, 2012

The cost of legal fees in resolving disputes remains one of the biggest challenges in managing your business.  Disputes that are over the minimum you can bring in conciliation court (generally $7,500 – $10,000 depending on the court) and less than $50,000 can net you a legal bill higher than the amount you recover.  Are…

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