Improving and Growing Your Company

Our Corporate Cranium consultants are  in the areas of sales, marketing, business development, business management and team building.  We can provide you with profit-building strategies that will give you access to  powerful business-building tools.  We can help you improve the following:

Sales—We can help you increase your sales conversion rate, build rapport and communicate effectively with your prospects, understand how the sales process should flow, get customers to sell themselves, overcome objections, ask great questions and ask for the sale time after time.

Marketing & Advertising—The Corporate Cranium will show you how to identify your target market, create a unique selling proposition that will drive customers to your business, determine where to advertise and how to encourage your prospects to take action and buy today.

Team Building & Recruitment—With our guidance, you will learn how to implement the keys to hiring great team members every time, build a supportive and productive culture, communicate effectively amongst team members, work with and show respect for each other and handle internal conflict.

Systems & Business Process Development—This has to be one of the most misunderstood areas of business today.  Identify which areas to systematize and develop, and write systems that allow your business to work without you.

Customer Service—Picture someone who can’t stop spreading the word about you and your business.  They love what you do so much that they talk about you to people they work with, to strangers they meet, to friends and family—imagine if all your customers behaved this way.

Leverage for Maximum Business Success

One of the greatest challenges for a small business owner is to assemble a team of professional advisors who work together to service the diverse professional needs of small and medium businesses.  The key to your business success is leverage—or maximizing your results with the least amount of effort.  The Corporate Cranium is a team of congruent, successful, professional Business Alliance Partners offering the resources you need to create business leverage through people, marketing, systems and finance.

Ensure Your Employees are Assets—Not Liabilities

The key resources for most businesses are the employees who build your products, greet your customers and drive your sales.  The Corporate Cranium understands both the leverage and potential liability that employees can create.

Hire the Best and the Brightest

We will help you develop a hiring process that ensures you bring on board only those individuals who will have the drive, energy and talent to help your business succeed.

Avoid Employment Lawsuits

An employment claim can be one of the costliest and most disruptive experiences a business can go through.  The Corporate Cranium through Halagan Law Firm is committed to helping its clients avoid lawsuits, while at the same time aggressively managing your staff to reach their potential.  We believe strongly in the rights of an employer to run their business profitably and to expect high standards of performance from its employees.  We will help you reach and establish those standards while minimizing the risks in today’s litigation obsessed business environment.