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Suzie Meier

Red Technologies Inc

Suzie is our cheerful, upbeat and caring leader with an energy that draws people in. After diving into her self—taught love of Web development in 2002, she’s taken on every challenge set before her and has grown Red Technologies from the ground up. Suzie‘s boisterous personality and excitement for the work Red Tech does makes her a fast friend to many.

The company’s continued growth has led to an increase in staff. which allows Suzie to have a little free time every now and then. during which you can often find her running (15+ marathons to date) or biking. Her love of networking and socializing extends outside the business as she truly loves meeting new people. If you catch Suzie on the phone (on Bluetooth of course) while she’s driving between meetings with clients or keeping up with her three children. you might hear 80s music blaring from her stereo. (We try not to judge.) A big fan of the comedies Christmas Vacation and Uncle Buck. Suzie also has a secret love for books and movies by romance author Nicholas Sparks. Running Red Tech is what she loves most and it seems nothing will stop her in her tracks—except maybe snakes and bats. She has a serious fear of both.

P.O. Box 112
MN 55313

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