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Lead Meetings People WANT to Attend

By Gayle Noakes | January 28, 2019

Is this possible? Can there be meetings people actually WANT to attend? Yes, there can! I have led many of them. There are simple but powerful factors that make meetings effective. In this article, I would like to focus on just one: The Meeting Outline. The Meeting Outline is a simple but critical component to design a meeting for success. It should be completed BEFORE scheduling the meeting. The core elements are: What is the issue or opportunity behind the meeting (WHY are we having the meeting?) If you cannot…

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Secrets of Success

By Gayle Noakes | November 1, 2018

Successfully managing and growing a small or mid-sized company is a challenge. Pat Boulay, the President / CEO of New Business Minnesota, recently wrote an article sharing the “Secrets of Success” as experienced by Juan Ramirez, the founder of ZoomingSales CRM and a number of other businesses. I work closely with Juan, as the Senior Partner of ZoomingSales CRM. I have seen him apply these secrets of success in his own businesses and bring these same secrets to our clients which help them grow. To learn more, click on the…

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Looking to Grow Your Business? EOS Can Help

By Gayle Noakes | August 1, 2017

Are roadblocks getting in the way of your business goals? Are there underlying issues to solve before you can move forward as an organization and experience the growth you know is possible? I’d like to tell you about a way to remove those roadblocks and move forward with your business. I’m talking about the Entrepreneurial Operating System, or EOS®. EOS was created by Gino Wickman and is described in his book, “Traction.” It has helped thousands of small to mid-sized organizations get the results they want from their businesses. Whether it…

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