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Five Reasons to Establish a Revocable Trust

By Stacey Edwards Jones | April 25, 2019

Plan for Disability. Unlike a Will, a Revocable Trust allows you to plan for incapacity. This can be especially useful for small business owners. A trust is an effective way to ensure that the grantor’s assets will be used for his or her benefit in the event he or she becomes incapable of managing his or her own affairs. Enjoy Flexibility. A Revocable Trust is a flexible instrument that can be changed as the grantor’s estate planning needs change. The grantor can freely add or remove property during his or...

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The Essentials of a Non-Complete Agreement: Is it Enforceable?

By Bob Halagan, Halagan Law Firm, LTD. / January 1, 2010

There are two situations where a company typically encounters a non-compete:  (1) when it has  valuable employee, information or contacts it wants to keep within the organization; and (2) when a new potential hire arrives with a non-compete that may restrict his/her ability to work for the company.  In either case it is important to…

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11 Ways to Double Your Customer Base in Four Weeks

By Kelli Hoskins, Master Business Coach / November 1, 2009

Double the volume of business clients or customers within a single month by following simple but highly effective steps to generate leads and successfully convert them into paying customers.  The secret to a truly successful business lies within a keen understanding of the needs and desires of the market – and it is ultimately individual…

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Leveraging Attorney’s Fees to Avoid Litigation

By Bob Halagan, Halagan Law Firm, LTD. / November 1, 2009

A little known secret outside of law offices is that very few lawyers actually try lawsuits in front of a judge or jury anymore.  While criminal defense lawyers still actually try cases, most lawyers representing businesses who call themselves litigators are very rarely, if ever, in court for a trial.  Why is that?  Because it…

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Should You Be in Business At All? Here’s How to Know

By Kelli Hoskins, Master Business Coach / September 1, 2009

So many business owners beat their heads against the wall, wondering why their business isn’t working. They try everything – new sales scripts, better ads, new products, yet to no avail … every day they open their doors, they plunge further into debt. In most cases, the reason things aren’t working is very simple –…

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Business Succession Planning

By Roben Hunter, Hunter Advisors, PLLC / September 1, 2009

Have you started to think about what will happen to your business when you decide to retire?  How will you exit your business, seamlessly, and have the money to retire with?  For many of us, the business that we have created may be our most significant asset.  How to move it from one generation to…

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Why Review Your Life Insurance?

By Gary Sorenson, Insurance Brokers of Minnesota / September 1, 2009

As a boomer myself, I see and realize how important it is in today’s world to plan ahead.  To provide good advice to clients in the proper approach to life insurance.  Read these interesting facts below. Generations at Risk Facts LIMRA International’s life insurance consumer studies. Facts About Life 2008 Many U.S. Households Continue to…

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Getting Paid-Your Company Got the Job, Now How Do You Make Sure You are Going to Get Paid?

By Bob Halagan, Halagan Law Firm, LTD. / September 1, 2009

One of the most difficult challenges in today’s economy, once you find the work, is to make sure that you get paid for the work that you do.  It has become an all too common story to watch once seemingly “safe” businesses disappear, leaving behind them a string of material suppliers, subcontractors and vendors with…

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Excuse Me, May I Buy That Customer Please?

By Kelli Hoskins, Master Business Coach / July 1, 2009

Preposterous! Buy a customer? Outrageous! Begging for customers, pleading for new clients, laying out breadcrumbs to lead unsuspecting customers in the door… Just how do you see bringing new customers into your business? Have you ever just put an ad out there, whether it be on the radio, on TV, in a newspaper or even…

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Selling Your Business During These Economic Times

By Roben Hunter, Hunter Advisors, PLLC / July 1, 2009

If you are planning to sell your business within the next five years, you may need to be more creative to achieve your desired results.  However, there is one thing that you should have and that, during these economic times, is more important than ever; that is: A PLAN It is my educated guess that…

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Individually Titled Autos on Corporate Business Auto Policy (BAP)

By Gary Sorenson, Insurance Brokers of Minnesota / July 1, 2009

Autos that are titled in individuals’ names can create significant coverage problems and exposures on a corporate business auto policy. The most basic principle of insurance is insurable interest. When a corporation insures a personally owned auto and pays the premium under their corporate BAP, there is no insurable interest for the insured corporation. In…

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Trade Secrets: How to Protect Yours? What Should You Do if a New Hire Brings Secrets with Them?

By Bob Halagan, Halagan Law Firm, LTD. / July 1, 2009

You have a key employee who knows all the business secrets of your organization; how do you make sure he doesn’t take them to your competitors and potentially cripple your company?  A key employee from a competitor is looking for a job and you’d like to hire her; what do you need to be concerned…

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People Plus Systems Equals Great Sales

By Kelli Hoskins, Master Business Coach / May 1, 2009

When you ask many of the greatest salespeople in history what their secret is, many would answer – personality. But when asked how to quantify and teach personality to others, these super salespeople are often stumped. Teaching great sales involves a major re-education and a focus on systems that make sales simple. Sales scripts not…

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Laptop Theft is a Growing Business Problem

By Gary Sorenson, Insurance Brokers of Minnesota / May 1, 2009

Forester Research reports that businesses with more than 1,000 employees give laptop computers to approximately 30% of their staff.  Dell reports that 2007 was the first year its revenue from notebooks was greater than that from desktop computers and attributes most of this trend to the corporate PC market. The truly mobile workstation has officially…

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Thinking of Adding a Business Partner? Here’s What You Need to Know About the “In” the “Out” and the In-between”

By Bob Halagan, Halagan Law Firm, LTD. / May 1, 2009

A business partnership is often compared to a marriage and that analogy is especially true when it comes to a business break-up, which can rival any marriage dissolution when it comes to hard feelings, disruption of lives and costs if the partners haven’t properly prepared for a partnership separation.  If you are starting a business…

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Valuing a Business Under Current Economic Conditions

By Roben Hunter, Hunter Advisors, PLLC / February 1, 2009

Valuation of a business is more of an art form than it is a science.  Unless a business is “asset intensive”, the pricing of a business in a valuation is typically based upon the sales and the earnings of that business.  There are, however, other factors that enter into the process of valuing a business. …

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Ensure Good Returns on Your Investment

By Kelli Hoskins, Master Business Coach / February 1, 2009

Follow the Saying, “If it Doesn’t Add Up, Don’t Do It” Business is all about making a profit, so if your business strategies aren’t adding up to business profits, don’t do it, or do it differently. To be a business – that is, ‘a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you’ –your business must give…

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