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Are All Homeowners’ Contents Coverage the Same? No Way!

Gary Sorenson, Insurance Brokers of Minnesota

Here are 21 Reasons to Purchase Deluxe Contents Coverage

The following are covered by deluxe and not standard (put in simple terms):

1) MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE – Jewelry, furs, silver, gold and guns that are lost or misplaced (up to special limits).

2) EARTHQUAKE – Deluxe contents affords earthquake coverage automatically for contents.

3) BROADER WATER DAMAGE – Damage to contents is covered if rain or hail enters through open window or door.

4) BROADER WIND DAMAGE – Losses due to wind entering an open window or door are covered.

5) CHILD-RELATED DAMAGE – Children running, wrestling or playing in a house can damage TV sets, stereos, furniture, etc.

6) CIGARETTE BURNS – severe scorching and scarring related to cigarettes and cigarette ash.

7) LOSS BY REPAIR – Jewelry, watches, and furs are covered while being refinished, repaired or renovated.

8 ) POWER OUTAGE – Food spoiled and related loss are covered when power fails (other than brown out or black out).

9) BREAKAGE TO “NON-FRAGILE” ITEMS – Jewelry, watches, bronzes, cameras and photographic lenses. *Example: Drop a camera and it breaks. *Example: Mishandle a watch and step on it.

10) DAMAGE BY GUEST – *Example: While you’re entertaining, a guest accidentally tips over a stereo/VCR system ruining it.

11) ENSUING LOSS CAUSED BY PETS – Related water or wind damage. *Example: Pet dog tears through screen door during rain/wind storm and loss ensures.

12) ENSUING LOSS AFTER POWER INTERRUPTION – Any physical loss that follows power failure.

13) SPECIAL WORDING FOR GROUND/SURFACE WATER – Although ground and surface water is excluded, it does cover such incident for contents away from a residence you own. *Example: Rent a beach house for the weekend and tidal waves rise damaging contents.

14) DAMAGE BY SPILLED BEVERAGE/LIQUID – *Example: College student spilling coffee on personal computer and keyboard, forcing replacement.

15) UNEXPECTED INCIDENTS – *Example: Infant wetting an antique sofa. *Example: Stray football thrown inside breaking a TV picture tube.

16) PERSONAL PROPERTY IMPROPERLY STORED – *Example: Numerous suits from dry cleaners in vehicle that goes through car wash with back window open. *Example: Furniture in garage damaged by rain when door not closed.

17) INTERNAL FALLING OBJECTS – Objects that fall within the home. *Example: Crystal chandelier coming loose and crashing onto dining room table, destroying it.

18) DAMAGE BY HOT OBJECT – *Example: Hot plate from the kitchen can shatter a glass table.

19) MOTORIZED VEHICLE FOR USE ON PROPERTY – *Example: Drivable lawn mower can crash into a tree after losing control, forcing replacement.

20) SPECIAL WORDING FOR TEMPERATURE/DAMPNESS LOSS – A loss due to dampness/temperature is covered if the direct cause of loss is rain, snow, or sleet or hail.

21) ACCIDENTS – Many unforeseen accidents are covered. *Example: Spilling liquid shoe polish on an antique chair or Persian rug.

To find out what you have contact your local Insurance Brokers of MN, Inc. agent for a complete review!

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