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Pro Tips on Managing Your Social Media Content

Suzie Meier - Red Technologies Inc.

You know social media is an important component to your business, but creating and posting fresh material on a regular business seems overwhelming. If you often find yourself struggling to find a new way to discuss the same old thing, you’re not alone. Here are a few tips from our experts to help you increase your social media presence.

Create a social media calendar. We know you have the best intentions of regularly posting content to multiple media channels, but then life happens. Your schedule changes, your product delivery is late, a client has a last minute request–soon your profile hasn’t been updated in a week! We get it. Save yourself time and keep your stress levels low by creating a monthly social media calendar. Choose what content you want to share on specific days and schedule your posts in advance. This allows you flexibility in your personal schedule, and keeps your audience engaged.

Share content that resonates. In addition to promoting your brand, make sure to share information with your followers that adds value. If you are only focusing on one topic with each post, your audience will soon lose interest. Find out what people want to know more about by checking out your site and social media analytics. Base future posts on what past information was widely viewed, and add value by providing a range of information that supports your business model. Sharing photos, adding humor, answering FAQs, providing encouragement, and offering tutorials are just a few ways to promote your brand.

Research the optimal time to share. We know your content is crazy good and your audience is hungry for it, but are you sending your messages at the right time, on the best platform?  Depending on your business model and types of messaging, your followers might not be viewing your most important posts. View your analytics to get a personalized view of your site traffic, then select times to post that already work for your page.

Call Red Technologies. If you have no idea what analytics are, don’t have a teenager to run your social media game, or no extra time to invest in liking, tweeting, or ‘gramming, ask for help. Often a small investment in hiring someone to manage your social media presence results in a big return. Red Technologies offers social media support as one of its many online and marketing services. Contact Red Technologies today for more information.

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