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Video is the Future

Suzie Meier - Red Technologies Inc.

How many videos have you watched online today? 2? 20?! Chances are your day is packed with video viewership; from online ads to educational content, clips from family and friends to your favorite forms of entertainment. Need to fix a faucet? Want to try a new makeup application? Looking for some cute puppies to boost your mood? There is a clip for that! Video is on its way to becoming the preferred content platform for nearly all demographics. So how can it work for you?

See it in SEO

We talk a lot about SEO (or search engine optimization) at Red Technologies, and video is an ideal way to increase your ranking. Search engines love video and make video content a priority when ranking. Distributing videos through social media, posting on blogs, and embedding on websites greatly increases the likelihood your target audience will find you when searching for relevant and related information.

Is your cell phone within reach?

Video ads perform well with mobile users. In fact, most video advertising is created to be device friendly. Marketers know many users spend more time watching videos on personal devices than scrolling through social media. Short video advertising quickly captures an audience, assists in making decisions on purchases, and is easily shared between users.

Dialing in to your client experience

Video advertising allows your target audience to quickly expand through multiple channels. Campaigns on your website can help connect to your current and potential clients through multiple social networks, mobile devices, connected TVs, and so much more. By using video you are connecting with your consumer’s experience and increasing your brand awareness.

Sharing is caring

Online videos are brief, specific, convenient, and love to be shared. More than 1 billion videos are shared daily through social media. By utilizing video advertising, you are informing consumers about your brand and allowing them to share in the online experience. And it wouldn’t hurt if they spread the word for you, would it?

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